When I was six, I

didn’t think much about the future.

When I was twelve, I

didn’t think much about it either.

When I was nineteen, I began

longing for the land of the rising sun.

I found my passion in language.

Off I go, venturing into arts studies

what an eye opening journey it is!

Now twenty-three, my life journey has been

w on d e r f u l

and  c o l o u r f u l.


Writer in the Making

So I opened my blog today, and woah. My last post was… a year ago? And so I decided to make tis blog a playground for my soul. There are so much things that I want to say sometimes and this is the perfect place. Before I could achieve my dream job, i.e. to be an author and a translator, I definitely need to build my muscles first.

I herby announce that I am reviving my blog! Happy Anniversary!